While others seem to be letting their Vita versions of games whither and die due to putting them last on their to-do list, Zeboyd Games recently decided to take a different route with Cosmic Star Heroine.

In a Kickstarter update posted yesterday, Zeboyd Games took to citing the recent delays and cancellations of indie Vita titles as their reason for taking a look at the platform earlier than expected. In doing so however, they seem to have also made improvements to the way the game runs on other platforms as well.

This is what they had to say about their experience;

“Vita version! We feel confident that we should be able to have the Vita version ready for the game’s initial launch. Our initial plan was for us to finish the game and then during the beta get the Vita version working, however recently, there have been several reports of various indie games that have cancelled or delayed which got us worried so we decided to dig into the Vita version last week. Initial performance was pretty much unplayable (single digit frame rate at times), but after spending a little less than a week on optimization, we’ve got it running over 30 fps most of the time (dropping briefly with certain actions). It still has a ways to go (want to make that 30 fps or higher ALL THE TIME), but we still have more things left to optimize and don’t predict any major issues.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that all of the internal changes we’ve made to improve performance on Vita so far are general changes that improve the performance of the game on all platforms so even if you don’t plan on playing the game on Vita, these improvements help everyone. And before anyone asks, the game has no problems running at 60fps on a good computer and though we haven’t actually measured the frame rate on the PS4, it appears to run very smoothly on that system as well. When we’re done getting the Vita version up to where we want it, we’ll be shocked if the PS4 version doesn’t have a steady 60 fps.”

Basically, they’re saying that – as one may have expected – optimizing for a less powerful (in the grand scheme of things) system such as the PlayStation Vita will also incur performance gains on more powerful systems; and being that they were able to heavily optimize the PlayStation Vita version first it’ll also save them time in the long run on other platforms.

Developers out there should take note, as we PlayStation Vita players are both vocal and buy lots of games – even if there aren’t as many of us as there are others.

In other news regarding Cosmic Star Heroine‘s development, Zeboyd have announced that the game is ~80% done – as well as the fact that they’re “strongly considering” the $15 price point at launch.

With no release date yet to announce, we eagerly await more news on Cosmic Star Heroineespecially now that we know it’ll run well on Vita!

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    It’s hard to understand the PS Vita as a player who only gets told by sony that we won’t get much benefit from it because “the economy is different for this particular system”.
    And it’s even harder to fully understand how a device which runs Killzone and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, with that MASSIVE-jumbo details and shadows and sounds and touchscreen support… struggles to render graphics for a 2D-based game.
    Initial performance was pretty much unplayable (single digit frame rate at times)
    Are we talking about the same device here?
    “Oh dude, you didn’t get it, it wasn’t made FOR the Vita, with the system as their main focus”
    I know! It’s a port! But take a good look at the above screenshot. That could’ve been handled easily by a SNES system, don’t you think? Single digit at times, I know he wouldn’t lie, but still I find that hard to believe. Unless their porting process needs a serious review to eliminate too much overhead, which is most likely what’s going on here.
    As for Kyle’s statement: “(…) we PlayStation Vita players are both vocal and buy lots of games”. True. Physical ones if I know it wouldn’t kill the publisher and Indies on psn because i want to support those who are worthy.
    Speaking of which, where’s our Looney Tunes Galactic Sports review? You guys still waiting for that key from SCEE?

    • Logan Graham

      AAA level budgets aren’t profitable on the Vita’s lower install base. That’s what they meant by “the economy is different”, which is why every subsequent Vita game is budgeted and aimed squarely at the JRPG and indie fans on Vita.