We brought you the news last month that Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Fortress was heading to Japanese Vita’s and now thanks to Siliconera we have found out a few more details.

The game will be a free-to-play real time strategy title in the Gundam universe and as with all strategy titles, planning is essential. Before each mission you will be able to set up your squad to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Each troup is able to call up one “Ace Machine”, the unit with the main skill powers, and many “Unit Machines” and up to three “Ace Assistant Machines.” Think of the Ace and Assigns units as your more skilled pieces and the Units as your expendable forces.

Mobile Suit Gundam

The post on Siliconera explains that units will move automatically dependant on the AI during battles, and the reactions are based upon the pilot. Pilots can board other units and affect how they react on the battlefield.

Skills can be executed to created a variety of effects, such as attacks, boosts and other changes. MS Skills, for example, can be used during a battle to execute devastating attacks, whereas Ace Skills are used at the beginning of the battle to better prepare your onslaught. What’s more, by combining certain suits and pilots you can activate a special “Platoon Skill.”

Mobile Suit Gundam

We will bring you more news on the title as we have it ahead on its “Summer” release in Japan. At this point we would say that a Western release is unlikely.