Originally a Kickstarter campaign, Cross Reverie has been removed from the crowd-funding site.

Earlier this month we brought you the news that a new Kickstarter campaign had emerged, with the intent of bringing a new and exciting JPRG to everybody’s favourite handheld gaming device.

Cross Reverie – The Trial of Nightmare is a game whereby the story surfaces around the characters you play as, exploring their existence and their meaning in the world. Eight characters will be playable in total and your choices will either shape them or will kill them.

Last week, developer Sinxsoft removed the title from Kickstarter unexpectedly, with the project standing at $38,168 of a $60,000 (Canadian Dollars) funding goal. We now have further details regarding the sudden disappearance, and it’s great news.

Cross Reverie: The Trial of Nightmare is happening, and better still, it will be heading to all platforms that would have only been possible via various stretch goals. How did they achieve it? With the help of an unknown private investor. The game will head to PC first, before coming to PS Vita and PS4. Sinxsoft revealed that being able to bring the JPRG to as many platforms as possible was one of the main reason for accepting the offer from the private investor.

Check out the original Kickstarter trailer below

Keep checking back with TVL for all the latest on Cross Reverie – The Trial of Nightmare.

  • Miguel Oliveira

    Another great game for a great handheld 😀

  • Devin Hudson

    I was definitely excited to hear this. Kickstarter is never a sure thing, and stretch goals even less so, so I’m glad it was able to bypass that whole process with a Vita version assured. While that’s still not a guarantee it will happen (all of these recent Vita cancellations have me on edge), I’m hopeful that it will and excited to play it if it does.

  • Zero Eternity

    I definitely like the art style. Hopefully it makes it to Vita.

  • LawlZor

    Looks promising. The more JRPG’s, the better !

  • Ichigo Yoite

    Excited for this! Every game with “Nightmare” in its title gets my attention!

  • PSVita is JRPG and VN heaven and i’m really happy to see more of them. Keep’em coming!

  • Dinoegg96

    Now that’s the kind of indies I like.