Minecraft players can now travel to ancient Greece and build new worlds grounded in Greek mythology. As part of the 1.18 update that launched last week, players will now have the ability to buy the new Greek Mythology Mash-Up Pack which brings iconic Greek buildings, gods, and heroes to the world of Minecraft.

The new pack, which costs $3.99/£3.29/€3.99, gives you skins to play as Zeus, Medusa, the Minotaur, and many more as you explore vast temples and labyrinths. And of course no Minecraft pack would be complete without a whole new set of textures to play with.

As an added bonus, the Greek Mythology pack also features a fully orchestrated soundtrack from composer Gareth Coker. This provides a nice extra touch to bring the world alive.

So whether you want to herd sheep at the base of Mt. Olympus or hide away in a giant Trojan horse, the tools are now at your disposal.

For a great look at what the new pack has to offer, check out the launch trailer below.

  • Lester Paredes

    My wife loves it.

  • Alex Jones

    This is so captivating.