Barnabus Moonpuncher isn’t just a bad-ass name, it’s also the name of a bad-ass guy who’s off to steal surveillance tech called “The Devil’s Basilisk” and secure his job as a thief.

Set in a steampunk version of the mid-1800’s, the game puts you in the shoes of Barnabus and has you going up against Scotland Yard – putting all your skills as a master thief to the test as you try and steal the one thing that can ruin your career.

Do you have what it takes to fill the shoes of a Moonpuncher?

Check out the launch trailer and find out for yourself;

The Swindle is available now in North America and Europe, and you can read Brad’s freshly posted review if you’re interested in hearing more before jumping in.

  • BDawg

    This looks pretty awesome!

    Most interesting game I’ve seen come out for Vita for some time!