We recently brought you news on Nippon Ichi’s recently revealed horror game Yomawari – or Night Watch when translated – but we now have even more details and screenshots to share.

In Yomawari, you take control of a young girl, who is looking for her missing dog and older sister. Given only a flashlight, she leaves her house and goes out into the night in search of her loved ones. You will spend a lot of the time exploring the world in search of clues as the game advances, and after exploring, the girl will write what she encountered in her diary.

You will find many things while out exploring and it is important to check them with your flashlight each time. A question mark (?) will pop up whenever there is something to check nearby, and it turns into an exclamation point (!) once you check it out. Sometimes you’ll find objects you can use in the world that people had lost. For example, a rock can be thrown or used as a marker, money will be required for certain areas and the toy shovel can be used at playgrounds.

As you progress, the girl will encounter more and more dangers in the world. The girl will sometimes feel the presence of something behind her – and sometimes that thing is real and can assault her. Most of the monsters you’ll encounter aren’t friendly and will try to harm the girl when discovered. Because of this, you’ll need to travel safely so you don’t get caught. One of the mechanics used in the game is elevating the girl’s heart rate visually to show a monster is nearby. So even if you can’t see it, when the screen becomes blurred, you know one is nearby.

When monsters are near the girl, you can hide behind signs or bushes to avoid them. While hiding, you vision becomes narrow and you won’t be able to see anything around you, meaning you’ll have to monitor the girl’s heartbeat to know whether one is still around her. However, if you are caught, you won’t see that monster the following night. With each monster having its own characteristics, you’ll need to learn each carefully so you can protect the little girl.

Some of the monsters you’ll come across include; the “Streetlight Shadow” who seems to have a shape of both a person and a streetlight, the “Child’s Ghost” which is a spirit of a child who lost his life during an accident (and sports a sadistic grin), and the “Road Blocker” who is a spider-like creature that crawls around the town.

Yomawari is set to release in Japan on October 29th, there’s some more new screenshots below if you’re interested.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    Hm since she’s a young girl she might only use Kana to write in her diary so this one could even help ppl learn some japanese. Also its Nippon Ichi and it looks not too bad. I think I remember that one when the release date gets closer!