Actual Sunlight

Actual Sunlight is a game about love, depression and the corporation. Stylised as “true game” for those over 18 because of the symmetry with real adult life, the game was released to positive reviews back in 2013, and Will O’Neil, the game’s developer has brought it to the Vita.

Talking to the NA PlayStation Blog, Will said:
“I’m not sure if a game as sad, sharp, and real-life-serious as the critically-acclaimed Actual Sunlight has ever been released on a major console, but I have no doubt that the PS Vita is exactly where it belongs. With strong and memorable writing, a classic Japanese RPG style, and full-screen CG artwork, I’m hopeful that Actual Sunlight will feel right at home.”

Actual Sunlight

Set entirely in Canada – and with many real-life places and references aplenty – Will says that the Vita version is the best version of the game, with a tweaked interface allowing for greater clarity on interactions, as well as larger and much smoother text for an optimal reading experience on the go.

The game is set to release in NA on August 11th, with no news on a release elsewhere at this time. We will bring you more news (and a review) as soon as we can!

Are you a fan of dramatic, narrative-driven adventures and/or and visual novels? You might want to keep an eye on this one.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    Hm sounds pretty decent – but no European release? Really? Well …forced skip I guess.

  • EDDIE H.

    Thanks for the info. This game looks pretty good. I’ll most likely buy it now.