Five years in the making, the action-platformer has been announced for PS Vita and PS4.

Solo developer Joakim Sandberg, also known as Konjak, has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce his upcoming title Iconoclasts, which will be heading to PS Vita.

The game follows a young, naive and helpful mechanic named Robin. Along with her companions, their aim is to escape the soldiers of a religious authority named One Concern. The adventure spans a vast, mysterious world where there are secrets to be found, power-ups to earn and a variety of different characters who all have their own back-story and unique way of dealing with the situation.

Iconoclasts¬†will have a strong emphasis on puzzle-solving, including puzzling level designs. Using your handy wrentch you are able to ‘screw’ up the different problems in game, or simply blast your way out of sticky situations with your modified stun-gun. There will also be a whole load of action and bosses to battle.

Although we currently have no news of a release date, Sandberg has promised a game that is high on action as well as having a strong narrative. A theme that will run throughtout will be humans ability to care for others in stressful situations, when they have no idea how to do it right. Check out the reveal trailer below, as well as some colourful screenshots, and don’t forget to keep checking back with TVL for all the latest news on Iconoclasts.


  • Lester Paredes

    I like what they’ve shown.

  • Devin Hudson

    Seems right up my alley. Can’t wait to see more of it.

  • Chizu

    I played the old pc builds of this years ago. Nice to see its still coming along and heading to the vita. Torn as to whether Ill pick this up on vita or on pc.

  • …totally has a Snes/Amiga 500 vibe to it…especially the music!!!…I like it…