The Vita Cast is back with another full episode of your latest Vita news, new releases, listener mail… and a hint of an annoying train.

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Episode 86: Awh, Effin’ Train

Intro/Outro by Kyle Von (Contact:


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Tyler Olthoff is a 24 year old who has been gaming since he can remember. In love with almost all types of games, the only type he can't stand (and that's probably because he sucks at it) is fighting games. His favorite genres would have to be shooters, RPGs, and adventure games. He owns almost every new system out there including PS4, PS3, XB1, PSVita and the 3DS, but barely plays any of them as it's mainly his good old Vita getting the attention!
  • …you should do a video-hangout including all of you vita loungers for the 100th episode…you know hanging out, discussing some vita stuff…make a “guess that game-tournament” including paul murphy, charlie large, liam langham, colin byrne…and kyle…(and of course all the others I forgot…), prepare some giveaways for the community bets, who are betting on who is winning that game…and so on…ohhh, and make it live via twitch…hehehe…well, too much pressure???…

    • Too many variables; it’s hard to get the team together let alone organized and on Twitch. haha.