New details from sources collected by Gematsu have shed light on some of the dark corners left in the big picture that is Exist Archive.

We’ve got details ranging from updated and filled out plot points to systems, tidbits, and characters – all condensed from their original form to prove minimal overlap with our earlier updates.

Here’s the story so far; twelve special people from the modern world die in an explosion and end up on an alien world called Protolexia, transferred there by its guardian deity Amatsume.

They are each occupied by the spirit of an evil god, and as such become involved in the gods’ issues. Some of them want to return to Earth, and some are fine with how things have played out – but all of them are dangerous.

Presented as a side-view dungeon RPG with depth (meaning you can move forward and backward as well as side-to-side), this 40-50 hour game will feature multiple extra dungeons after you finish the game, a boss battle time-attack element which is online, and an active chain battle system utilized through the left and right Vita triggers.

Oh, and you can also use the power of the evil gods within each of the twelve heroes to unleash a powerful attack called “Demon’s Greed.” I’m not quite sure what that means other than the powerful bit, but it sounds bad-ass.

We’ve also heard a bit about the characters, which consist partly of;

  • Kanata Kujou (voiced by Ryota Osaka) – He’s the protagonist, and was born into a wealthy family that arrange an engagement between him and Ranze Kamikawa.
  • Ranze Miwakawa (voiced by Aya Endo) – She’s a girl born into a wealthy family who happen to own a dojo. She tries hard to live up to her parents’ expectations, but reveals her true nature only on the verge of death. She’s supposed to be engaged to Kanata Kujou.
  • Mayura Tsukishiro (voiced by Ai Kayano) – She’s a girl with white hair like Kanata, and meets him in Protolexa. She apparently also has four tails.
  • Tokihisa Kiriya (voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara) – He appears to be a delinquent, and if very blunt – but there’s also a side of him that cares for his friends.

Development on Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is approximately 75% complete, and the game is set to release sometime this year in Japan.

We’ll be back to update you (likely soon) as this one unfolds further.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds interesting. I sure hope a localization is in the works.