Have you been following the progress of Yoru no Nai Kuni? We certainly have and so have Gematsu, and they posted a few new details about the upcoming action RPG ahead of its release later this year.

The titles sees you battling as Arnas, a holy knight who serves the Curia. Your intention is to protect Lyuritis, the chosen saint of the current era and her destiny is to be sacrifice herself in order to seal away the ruler of the Night. Arnas views things very differently and sets about defeating the Jayou and finding out her own way of dealing with this demon.


The post explains the importance of the Ende Hotel, and how after your battles against Jayou you will be able to rest. You will also be able to check up on your subordinate demons and look into there activities and also to organise them.


You will also be able to buy and sell any items you find or need, as well as place orders for rarer items from faraway regions as you progress through the story.


It’s also where you will take up requests, which can come either night or day. These requests may result in Jayou encounters, but they also have unusual request, and completing these missions will earn you rewards, like money or even items.

The hotel is also where you can access the Yorde Altar, which is essential to growing Arnas’ skills.


Arnas can only battle the Jayou at night, so by choosing missions wisely you can still level up various skills during the day. You can also test out your skills at the arena, which will have more options as you progress through the story.

The post also discusses a new form that arenas is able to take; the “Phantom Form.”

Offering long range attacks as well as HP and SP recovery, the look is very much that of a magician.

yoru no nai kuni

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  • Lester Paredes

    It looks so pretty and colorful.

  • EDDIE H.

    Looks interesting. Is it coming to NA?

    • Kaboom

      A lot of us are hoping. I know I am.

  • Devin Hudson

    This is definitely my most wanted Vita game at the moment, so I hope someone announces it for the West soon. I know Koei Tecmo probably has the best chance of bringing it over since they own Gust and are publishing it in Japan, but I feel like a more niche publisher (NISA, XSEED) would probably treat it better over here (i.e. more likely to give us a limited edition, or even a physical release in general).

    But first and foremost I just want the game to actually come over here.