A new promotional trailer from the Genkai Tokki YouTube channel has given us our first glimpse at some Moero Crystal gameplay.

Though it starts out somewhat like the Moero Crystal opening video, this new trailer cuts to some quite ecchi gameplay at about 1:45 in. The gameplay clips are shown in a windowed format (not full screen), and give us a look at both the punishing system and some actual battles before moving to the changing room and other gameplay systems.

Check it out;

Looks pretty… er… punishing? 😉

Moero Crystal is due out in Japan on September 25th, with no word yet on the fate of a localization.

  • Nonscpo

    Japan, don’t you ever change, you crazy bastard!

    • Tony Rojas Rodriguez

      wut anime is that from, your pic?

      • Nonscpo

        Senran Kagura! Currently there’s two games for it on 3DS and three om em on Vita ^_^