Bandai Namco Entertainment has just released the debut trailer forĀ Digimon World: Next Order.

We get a little peek at the game in a bunch of windowed shots, but ultimately we’re still pretty in the dark. What is Digimon World: Next Order about? Well, it’s about a big metal Digmon and some roaming around if this trailer’s to be believed!

Check it out;

Digimon World: Next Order is due out in Japan sometime in 2016.

  • Holy crap… I still havnt beaten Digimon world 3

  • EDDIE H.

    Please come to the U.S.

    • Cousin Jeffrey

      The U.S. Is great and all but there are other places on earth that would like this game too, despite how hard that may be to understand

  • Zero Eternity

    lol It says the video is private.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure why anyone would flip it back private after the fact, but that’s the case. I’ll find another. ^_^