Chara-Ani, Pyramid and Kadokawa Games are bringing an enhanced port of Another Chronicle EX to Japan later this year.

Releasing as both a digital download and physical copy on PlayStation Vita, this enhanced port of shoot ’em up arcade title Darius Burst: Another Chronicle EX is set to include new modes to play, bosses to battle, and background music to blast away to.

The sad news? The Vita version will only support single player, while the PS4 version gets four player multiplayer. 🙁

If that glaring omission hasn’t turned you away, check out the game’s teaser below;

Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours is due out this Winter in Japan.


  • Chizu

    Dont really care about MP in my shmups. Just would be nice if this gets localized. I played Burst on the psp a good bit.

  • Jordan Greene

    welp, this is on my import list

    the vita really needs more 2D shumps