Criminal Girls: Invite Only released in the west earlier this year and the sequel, Criminal Girls 2, which was announced earlier last month thanks to a leak on Amazon Japan, will be releasing later this year, but we now have some story details and some screenshots to share for the title.

The story is set around a group of ‘Semi-Sinners’, a group of people who were set to commit a crime in the future but died at a young age. Semi-Sinners are given a chance of Rebirth by going through a program known as Resurrection. A hero is set to guide seven female Semi-Sinners up a tower filled with challenges filled with trials.

In Criminal Girls 2 the hero only expects to guide six Semi-Sinners through the tower, but when he discovers the seven girls, who all come with their unique personalities, his suspicions soon arise that one of them is actually a real sinner.

The seven Semi-Sinners are Shinoa, an honours student who is closely following the main protagonist. Riri, a dismissive girl who can be impulsive. Kuroe, a socially awkward girl who relies on ventriloquism to make conversation. Mizuki, a mood setter who can also be rather clumsy. Sui is a sharp tongued girl who likes to analyse situations and can often cause arguments with her ways of speaking to others.

Yurine is a quiet and soothing girl who is optimistic and likes to approach things at her own pace. And lastly Sukasa who is a fan of sexual harassment and likes to bother the main protagonist, quite an odd bunch if you ask me!

The main aim of the game is to help the Semi-Sinners find Ressurection, but they will often need to be punished to make sure they are behaving themselves, this can lead the player having to massage them or even spanking them. Sounds good so far, right?

Early purchasers of the game can receive the first print limited edition of the game for 7,980 yen which comes equipped with an art book, a special made box designed by the games lead artist, the original soundtrack and a reversible eye mask, which has a print of Shinoa’s bottom.

A whole host of screenshots have also been released alongside this information which you can check out below, but most important of all is the release date, which is confirmed to be November 26th with the standard version of the game being priced at 5,980Yen and comes with a limited edition punishment mode variation.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re planning on picking up Criminal Girls 2 and be sure to keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for further updates.

  • Lester Paredes

    Just started the first. Also, Yurine is a terrible name. Here’s hoping it’s not pronounced like it looks.

    • Nonscpo

      Still haven’t gotten around to picking this title up, what are your thoughts on it so far?

      P.S. Yurine is a hilarious name, if your into golden showers!

      • Lester Paredes

        I could have sworn I typed restart. Got a little way in and got distracted by something else. It’s your average dungeon crawling jrpg, honestly. The fan service is pretty much all that sets it apart. It’s solid, but not amazing. I’d get it if your out for a good ol’ jrpg time.