Two more visual novels are being added to the Japanese Vita roster this year – thanks to GN Software.

Famous for bringing visual novels to the PSP, GN Software has hooked up with Whirlpool and Hooksoft to bring their titles Ryuuyoku no Melodia and Melty Moment to PlayStation Vita.

Here are the plot descriptions for the two titles, courtesy of the VNDB;

Ryuuyoku no Melodia

Over a thousand years ago, there was a large battle against an evil dragon. With the help of a holy dragon, they managed to defeat it, and then founded the Kingdom of Vestoria. The princess’ song has the power to grant miracles and as such, people who engage in music are highly respected in the country. Lute is a student at the prestigious Ertmail Music Academy, where young people gather to pursue their dreams of becoming a musician. One day, he met a mysterious girl in the street and ended up spending the day with her. Before leaving, she said that they will meet again. He was about to have dinner with his imouto Mel when he heard a loud noise outside. There was a giant hole in his garden and in the middle of it was a small dragon.

Melty Moment

Takeru lives in a commuter town a few stations away from the busy city. There are not many tall buildings except for those around the station and the new apartments lining the river. One could easily tell the time of day just by the placement of the sun, which shines unblocked upon the town. Late in September, Takeru was walking along the embankment with his friends. It was a normal day just like every other day. However, just because of one little thing, his path home became a path to love.

These little events are scattered amongst our normal daily lives. That moment when our eyes meet. That moment when we touched each others’ hands when reaching for the same book. That moment when you first smiled at me. These moments colour our canvas of love.

These titles will have new scenarios and CG added to the PlayStation Vita version of the game, so there’ll be something there even for returning players.

As for a price, we’re hearing that Melty Moment will be 6,800 yen for the regular version, and 8,800yen for the limited edition – though we’ve heard no word about Ryuuyoku no Melodia‘s pricing.

Both games are due out in Japan sometime in 2015.