We’ve got a ton of new Tokyo Xanadu information (and media) from Gematsu, Siliconera and Game Jouhou – covering characters, bonus systems, upgrades, skills, and more.

First up we’ve got a better look at characters Tomoaki Mikuriya and Morimaru, who we talked about a few weeks ago;

And next up we have a bit more information on “Fragments of Fate” / Kizuna Episodes.

“Fragments of Fate” are items which you obtain through playing the game’s story and exploring the city. They enable you to see character-specific “Kizuna Episodes” which can increase your soul level (main character) or award rare items or bonuses (supporting character).

Some examples of these unlockable Kizuna Episode scenarios are as follows;

Asuka Hiiragi

Asuka is surprised by Kou’s thoughtless actions, as through her classmate Shiori she has found out something about Kou…

Shio Takahata

Shio steps in during a fight among delinquents and confides in Kou about it.

Towa Kokonoe

Kou’s homeroom teacher (and cousin) Towa also works as a shrine maiden at the Kokonoe Shrine on weekends. When Kou goes to visit her however, how she’s going to react might surprise you.

Moving on, we take a look at some new characters that have been revealed and detailed;

The One in White


He is an unknown engraved knight which is part of a Church of Holy Spirit army called the Chronos Orden. This army fights against the Nemesis and Zodiac groups, making them one part of the three major forces.

Their main goal is to deal away the other world however, which is unlike the main goal of the other two groups.

Eiji Goto (cv: Eiji Takemoto)

A big man with a threatening appearance that overwhelms those around him, he serves as the waka gashira of the Morimiya City-based Takebane gang. Despite his appearance, he is a chivalrous Yakuza who doesn’t allow himself to stray from the gang’s code of homor – to protect humanity and deliver justice.

Members of the gang admire him and refer to him as “Aniki” – which means older brother, or in this case more senior Yakuza member.

The Takabane gang sets up office in the Hourai-chou neighborhood, where delinquents are frequently causing incidents. The protagonist Kou included, the members of the gang seem vigilant.

Akihiro Inui (cv: Shunsuke Kanie)

Second generation leader of the delinquent group BLAZE, Akihiro elected himself the new head of the group after Shio retired as the leader – gathering from the scraps of the group a new group with restarted delinquent activity.

By absorbing a small team in the Morimiya City area and expanding its power, the BLAZE (led by the ever suspicious Akihiro) appears to be becoming more and more of a problem.

Lastly, we’re going to look at Soul Devices – specifically their master core and the skill upgrades they can achieve.

Each character has their own unique Soul Device, which can be enhanced in a few ways. One of these ways is through progressing the story and unlocking the ability to switch out your Master Core (which houses said skill).

Switching is mainly done while in the real world, but can also be done in the other world through the use of stone monuments called Relics. In addition to changing the base skill attribute of each character when switching Master Cores, the look of your Soul Device will also change depending on the attribute.

One thing to keep in mind however; while Kou can change to any base attribute / Master Core, the other characters are limited in what they can switch to.

Speaking of base skills, attributes, weapons, and the other world – killing enemies with their elemental weaknesses will activate an Elemental Kill, and killing an enemy with a high amount of damage makes for a Fatal Kill. Both of these types of kill will add drop rate bonuses for achievement, but the Elemental Kill somehow increases the value of exploring the other world as well.


  • When you change from the basic Flame attribute to the Shadow attribute, Kou’s Soul Device becomes jet black and appears more intricate and complete.
  • When Kou uses skills the flames turn purple.


  • When you change from the basic Wind attribute to the Spirit attribute Rion’s winged Soul Device will take a more intricate form.
  • When Rion uses her strength skills she can create blue tornadoes.

How about upgrading your skills?

By strengthening your Soul Device, you can also upgrade each characters shooting, strength, and flight skills – with up to three levels of upgrade offered. By upgrading skills and raising them to certain levels, there are even cases where the appearance and performance of the weapon will be greatly enhanced; so don’t be afraid to experiment!


  • At a certain skill level the attack “Crystal Sword” will greatly increase in attack power and range.


  • At a certain skill level the energy bullets from his shooting skill “Lambda Shot” will increase in both size and basic attack power.

That’s all for now, though we’re sure with how much information they’re throwing at us that it won’t be all for long; Tokyo Xanadu is set to release September 30th in Japan, are you ready for it?

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