Bandai Namco has (via Famitsu) revealed new information and screenshots for its upcoming title World Trigger: Borderless Mission.

In Borderless Mission you’ll take on all sorts of tasks; in some you’ll need to cooperate well with others, while others will have you take someone on head-to-head. There are also times however, when you’ll need to do this in teams.

Teamwork is the key to taking down huge foes such as giant Trion Soldiers, and knowing how to work properly with the different roles (snipers, riflemen, and archers especially)is part of that. Player positioning during an attack is another.

As mentioned, cooperation isn’t the only situation you’ll be put in however – as there are also team battles. These 4-on-4 style fights let you mix and match characters to make you own team of bad-asses, so choose carefully.


Speaking of choosing carefully, this applies to when you’re customizing your Trigger as well. Through customization you can – for example – make someone like Osamu into a sniper, or Yuma into a shooter; so pay attention and choose carefully.

Each class has their own set of equippable triggers (specific to them), and certain things in which they specialize – and characters have their preferences when it comes to Triggers as well. Choosing the best Trigger for the job isn’t just a choice, it’s both an art and a science in some aspects as well.


As for rewards, you’ll get a currency called “Border Coins” for clearing missions. These can be used to purchase Triggers, so collect as many as you can by taking on every mission you can handle.

World Trigger: Borderless Mission is set to release in Japan on September 17th.

Are you ready for your mission?