New monsters, locations, and items have been revealed for the upcoming Vita horror game Yomawari.

For those that don’t know, you play as a little girl searching for her older sister and dog in Yomawari. As you search, you will find clues that lead you to the location of your missing loved ones.

While walking through the town, you’ll encounter clues by checking various objects, such as the trash or bulletin boards, where you’ll sometimes find notes. The following screenshot shows the girl finding a note on the bulletin board that gives a clue about a dog barking.


There are other places to visit in the town, like an old school, forest and a shopping district, where there are empty shops and mannequins. While searching the city, you’ll find items that seem pointless, but they’ll have their uses. For example, the toy shovel helps you dig out whatever is in the mound of dirt, and is even a key item.

Now let’s get to the monsters. They all have their own characteristics and will flip out in different ways; one may react to light, while another may react solely to sound.

The “Monster Cat” is not actually a giant cat, but a monster with a giant cat’s hat. It tries to pretend it’s a cat, but when you get too close, it changes its form and attacks you. The “Blind Ghost” is a blind spirit that has lost its eyes and life in some kind of incident. It wanders the town at night and reacts to footsteps or any sound.

The “Rock Face” is a forest-dwelling monster that – you guessed it – has a rock-shaped face. Typically, it won’t move by itself, but it will attack if you shine any light on it. Last is the “Mr. Night Watcher.” It’s a strange creature that will follow the young girl at a distance if it encounters her walking.

Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to run from the monsters, but sometimes you’ll be able to fight against them using the items you find in the town. For example, you could use the rock or a coin somewhere for monsters that react to sound, and traverse around them.

However, not all the monsters are scary. Some have sad stories, and are wandering around the town looking for something that’s important. If you pay close attention to them, you might find out more about them and their story.

One such monster is the “Wandering Miss Mary Doll,” a doll that was thrown away by someone. Holding a grudge and sadness, it searches the town for her owner. You’ll find a cellphone in the town, which occasionally rings, telling you where you can find the doll.

Other monsters are just mysterious. One example is the “Headless Horse.” You’ll see it running around, but it will always vanish away at an exact location. You’ll also encounter the “Park Daruma,” a giant daruma doll that hangs out at the park. With no eyes painted on it, it is still able to see the little girl, and will want to play with her at first sight of her. It’ll also give you a present for playing with it.

As you advance through side-quests, you’ll across small items and mementos that are related to each of the monsters. They can be kept in the girl’s journal as collectibles, and can be revisited whenever you want.


Yomawari launches on October 29th in Japan.

  • BDawg

    Looks interesting.
    is it likely to get localized?

  • Lester Paredes

    That sounds cool. I especially like that you can interact with the monsters in more ways than just killing them, though, that still is the primary reaction. Hope, it comes west. I’m digging the style. Kinda reminds me if a 2D Silent Hill.