Seems like everywhere you turn lately there’s news on Yomawari (aka; Night Watch), however in this trailer everywhere you turn is both captivating and creepy.

In the game¬†you play as a girl that’s out looking for her older sister and their pet dog; but the place you’re looking in is a dimly lit town, and everywhere you turn there’s something in the shadows.

Are you interested in getting the creeps somewhere hauntingly beautiful?

Check this out;

Yomawari is due out in Japan on October 29th, and I’d kill for a localization.

  • Esskaden

    This game is getting more and more interesting. I wanted a good horror game on the vita that wasn’t just Jump scares. this looks truly atmospheric. I hope it comes out in the west

  • Broke-Dik

    Man i really hope they Port this here.

  • Devin Hudson

    Definitely looks like one to keep an eye on. Hope it makes it over here.

  • Ichigo Yoite