D3 Publisher has announced a new roguelike RPG for Japanese release via a recently revealed teaser website.

Omega Labyrinth is a roguelike RPG “chest-expanding adventure” from Matrix Software, with character design by Wadatsumi. It’ll be available in Japan on November 19th – priced at 6000 yen for the digital download, or 6800 yen for a physical copy at retail.

More details are set to follow in next week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation, so stay tuned!

  • Martin

    I wonder whether we’ll have a male or female MC…

    • novurdim

      I think “chest-expanding adventure” implies a flat-chested heroine with a Dream.

      • chizwoz

        Either that or it’s about a dude bench-pressing.

        • Kaboom

          Let’s hope it’s the former and not the latter…

          • chizwoz

            1 will definitely sell better than the other.

  • chizwoz

    Keep on japan-ing.