New details and screenshots for Net High have emerged, detailing its gameplay.

In Net High, your opponents are riajuu, people who live fulfilling lives, are overflowing with confidence and have strong personalities – or so it seems. It’s your job to expose their lies.

You will investigate these people by visiting various places where people congregate, such as the shopping district or convenience stores, and attempt to obtain valuable information about them.


There are a few methods to gather clues. One is to get the latest riajuu gossip by tweeting harsh remarks to attract attention and learn gossip from the replies you received. Depending on what you say, you’ll either gain or lose followers. Another method is to use your Glasses – a high-tech wearable terminal that allows you to trace people’s lives. Using them, you will check various phrases that appear on screen to get the latest gossip. After you’ve collected gossip from the first two methods, you can use Fuse Inspection method to brainstorm associated words. If you do so correctly, you might have a moment of insight that starts new gossip.

Based on the information you gather, you’ll battle to uncover the riajuu’s lies. After overcoming these battles, you’ll get a brief reward period where you can communicate with the riajuu’s ladies, who were hostile during your investigations. You’ll raise your likability with these women during your conversations, and this might allow you to either rub their head, talk to them while pressing your hand against a wall, or even get them to lay your head on their lap.

Net High releases November 26th in Japan.