Idea Factory International has released a batch of new media – both a trailer and some screenshots – for their upcoming release of otome visual novel Amnesia: Memories.

This new gameplay trailer shows you how the closes you make change the relationship parameters between your character and their chosen bachelor. You’ll also get to see some mini-games in action, if that’s of any interest to you.

Check it out;

Some screenshots have been released as well, and show the mini-games that you can play together to heat the stove of love – Air Hockey and Rock/Paper/Scissors.

Separate from the main story, these games are there for you to take on head to head vs one of the game’s bachelors… but it’s only all fun and games until someone falls in love.

Amnesia: Memories is due out August 25th in North America, and August 26th in Europe – available as a digital download only.