We get some new information and screenshots detailing the Aros Tower and Renga Alley areas of the city, and a small look at situational clothing.

As noted before, Tokyo Xanadu takes place in Morimiya City – and you’ll be able to visit some of the shops and areas around the city’s various districts. In this newest update (via 4Gamer), we get a look at the Aros Tower and Renga Alley areas in particular.

The Aros Tower is a city landmark that was built through the cooperation of Tokyo, Morimita City, and the Hokuto Group. It’s a regular tourist attraction, and the “best in the Kanto region” sky lounge inside lets you see all of Morimiya City from its advantageous viewpoint.

Other notable areas of the tower include the Acros Shop on the first floor, the Morimiya Art Museum on the 10th floor, and the Acros Theatre on the 20th floor – where idol group SPiKA performs.

In Renga Alley however, you will not find an ultramodern skyscraper – but instead a simple and elegant area with a Western touch. Edging on retro but with a stylish flair, Renga Alley is a lesser-known area of the city and is frequented by all sorts of people.


It’s home to the Ichi Nana Coffee Shop – which boasts its own signature line of roasted coffee, the Nomado boutique – which sells the latest in fashion, and Le Coutre – the antique shop where Kou works part-time.

Last but not least, we have something not location related; the outfits of Kou and his classmates. Tokyo Xanadu will have the characters adorn different outfits depending on the situation, with special outfits making appearances for events/seasons like Summer.

Tokyo Xanadu is set to release in Japan on September 30th.