Ray Gigant, the dungeon crawler that released last week, is now scheduled to get a rather large update in early September.

This hefty update is all about increasing the content of the game, and first up is the addition of an “evolution” to the game’s last boss – requiring you to grind and increase your party’s levels in order to fight it.

Second up is the addition of a sequel story for Ichiya, Kyle and Nil. This sequel story will feature event CGs that show what happens after the fights of the three protagonists.

Lastly, the update will give you a few new options for your second playthrough. You will now be able to keep your save data and play the game on a higher difficulty, or start a new game on a harder difficulty without any saved data carrying over. There will also be an added “Invincible Mode,” where your allies won’t get attacked; though not confirmed, it seems like this mode will only have the protagonist taking damage during fights.

Ray Gigant is available in Japan right now. For more news on all things Vita, keep it tuned to The Vita Lounge.