Lost Dimension is already available in the U.S. and launches in Europe later this month, and we’ve already got a review of the game live on the site which you can read here, but Atlus have been sure to continue to provide us with character details post launch, mostly detailing two of the games more interesting characters.

First up is Agito, a Ninja character with great range and ability in his attacks he also has the ability to teleport and disappear from battle situations when needed. Agito specialises more in close ranged attacks against enemies choosing to get closer to enemies in one-on-one combat.

Agito has two particularly powerful skills, Farstrider and Phase Ability, getting these abilities earlier in the game will make Agito a more worthy and formidable ally. The main point about the two afore mentioned skills is that they require Materia which you won’t come across too often.

Agito is also known for having a rather friendly personality and while players might see this as warm and welcoming, they should also remain suspicious of him, after all, any one at any time could betray you.

And we also have Nagi, who works great as a scout character. Just like Agito, Nagi has the ability to teleport around the map without needing to use ladders or elevators meaning she can be a valuable asset when it comes to navigating dungeons and hard-to-reach areas. The teleportation power means that Nagi is always floating, which is a pretty neat touch.

Nagi can also be seen as a hard-hitting character, she is good for working in groups to take out large numbers of enemies with powerful attacks, her weapons allow for area attacks so it’s recommended that you take advantage of this where possible.

Nagi is considered to be one of the most powerful allies in the game, and if she doesn’t betray you she will likely become one of your favourite characters in the game due to her immense power and abilities.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’re playing Lost Dimension and be sure to let us know of your experiences with Nagi and Agito.