Playism have been in touch on the PlayStation Blogto talk about their latest Vita title, TorqueL.

TorqueL is a “physics-based side scrolling puzzle action game” which features a minimalistic art style and has been developed by

You take on the role of a well-dressed gentleman who is trapped inside a box. By rolling your box around your surroundings, Using your hero must overcome obstacles, avoid pits, and get to the goal of each level. Being trapped in a box means hat you cannot jump, so hills and holes are going to prove tricky, but luckily your box has a few tricks; each side of the box is mapped to the Vita’s face buttons and pressing one of these will extend that side of the box. In no time you’ll be bouncing and flying all over the place.


TorqueL releases on August 11th for US$9.99/£8.99/€10.99 and is packed with 50 stages of “death-defying, gravity-reversing, topsy turvy puzzle action madness” and also has cross-buy with the PS4 version. Are you after a new puzzle title for your Vita?