Tribute Games have been in contact to let us know that their single-screen brawler Curses N’ Chaos is set to launch on the PlayStation Vita next week on August 18th.

CNCScreens (8)

A press release announcing the release date for the title gives us more information in regards to what we can expect when the game releases, with this brief synopsis giving us an overview of the game;

‘Smashing monsters is the only way to escape death itself in this
single-screen brawler! As bounty hunters Leo and Lea, the Wizard King has
cursed you to live under Thanatos’s Shadow. You must fight back swarms of
goblins, ghosts and every nasty creature the kingdom offers! If you don’t
beat them in time, the Grim Reaper himself will come slashing! But not all
is lost! Beating the beasts means getting rare ingredients and weapons to
keep the fight going! With the help of rogue alchemist Allison, those
ingredients can be mixed into healing potions, elemental summons or even
the cure for the Curse itself!’

Curses N’ Chaos will feature the following when it lands on the handheld next week;

  • Alchemy! Mix and match ingredients and items to create powerful attacks,
    summons and the Elixir of Life itself!
  • Dancing! Alleviate stress during combat by dancing and rack up points!
  • Cutscene & Boss animations by Paul Robertson! (Adult Swim capsules,
    8-bit Simpsons, Mercenary Kings, Wizorb).
  • 13 Single-Screen Levels designed by Stéphane Boutin (Mercenary Kings,
    Wizorb, Scott Pilgrim VS The World).
  • Supports Cross-Buy, Cross-Play and Cross-Save with the PS4 version
  • Adhoc multiplayer on Vita and supports Vita TV with couch co-op

Check out the game’s website here and the release trailer below and be sure to keep an eye on TVL for our review of this awesome looking title in the coming weeks.

In other news, Tribute Games have also informed us that the PlayStation Vita version of Mercenary Kings is very much still in the works, although there is no ETA for that title just yet.

Curses N’ Chaos is set to release on August 18th priced at $9.99 / €9.99

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  • Lester Paredes

    I think I’ll get it for the pixel art alone. It’s so awesome.

    • …Sold!!!…

    • Buckybuckster

      Yep, you have to love it’s retro look. Have to say I really really wish this was a tried and true side scroller, but it still looks like it will be alot of fun!