Thanks to 4Gamer and Siliconera we get a peek at the contents of IA/VT Colorful‘s second DLC release.

This new IA/VT Colorful DLC release contains four new songs to play, each with its own themed costume to compliment it (and the design of the costume sourced from the songs themselves).

The songs and costumes they’re paired with are;

“Yakubyougami” and the Darkness (red) costume.

“Doukei” and the Dance Lesson (blue dot) costume.

“Overclock” and the Party Dress (black) costume.

“Kimi no Tonari ni” and the Liberal Arts Girl (yellow) costume.

These four songs packs and their accompanying costumes can be yours for only 300 yen each, or 1200 yen as a pack. They’re available right now for purchase on the Japanese PSN.