We recently brought you news that music game IA/VT: Colorful would not be heading West – meaning you’d need to import it. Today we have good news: if you do decide to import it, you’ll easily be able to navigate the menus in English.


As you can see above, all menu options have English text. You can choose from Free Play, Step Up Play, Daily Play, My List Play, Item, Online, Data, Data, Option or Back to Title. The difficulties – ranging from Easy to Hard – are also in English. The only exception are the song titles; some will have English text along with the original Japanese kanji while others are solely in Japanese. Lastly, as seen below, you will also be able to read your results after each song in English as well.


IA/VT: Colorful released in Japan on July 30th and is apparently very import friendly – so if you’re looking for a new vocaloid/rhythm title this one should definitely be on your radar.

  • Nick Hunk

    Is this game releasing only for R2 (Japanese)? Any idea if an R3 (Asian) release on the horizon? This game looks like something which would have plenty of DLC songs, would be great if it is available on Region 3 as well.

  • Frederick Wong

    Picked it up yesterday…might play it soon. Looking at a song list from a few months ago, it looks like it has some Kagerou Project songs…which is awesome.

  • novurdim

    I’m a lot more vary of the ton of unavailable DLC. Dozens of songs that I won’t be able to play usually don’t exactly inspire me to import.

  • Almir Alves Pereira

    Not a big fan of IA. If the next Project Diva don’t come to Vita I might get it, though…