Compile Heart showcases 50 new characters, but who has your vote?

The latest title in the Genkai Tokki series Moero Crystal is set to release in Japan on September 25th for PS Vita. Ahead of the launch Compile Heart have revealed 50 new characters, bringing the total amount to a whopping 80.

To help fans of the series become better acquainted with the new monster girls, a poll has been set up via the company’s official website, which allows players to decide who is there favourite. You can partake in the poll here. As well as casting your vote, you can get to know each girl as well as learning about their hobbies and abilities. If you fall in love with a monster girl you can even vote for them once every day.

The poll will run from August 11th to September 24th, with the result determining who the top three new characters are.

Of course 80 girls are a lot to remember. Luckily our friends over at Siliconera translated a few of the new characters bios:



Slime is from the Countryside, which to her annoyance leads to others thinking she is a less important monster. Don’t let her typical monster look fool you though, as she insists she is from noble origins. She hates the city and has many relatives.



Cyclops has strong forging abilities, which are used for destructive purposes. Her eye bandage is shrouded in mystery, as she avoids discussing it and sometimes moves it between eyes.



Luanna is a Pegasus monster whose biggest strength is her running speed. She hates snakes after she was bitten by one in the past.

You can find full details for all the monster girls via the poll page. We await details on localisation for Moero Crystal.


  • Zero Eternity

    after seeing the poll I can openly admit I want this game. Also am I the only one thinking they just need a sequel with another 71 characters and a spinoff/ mirror one where its all guys so no one can complain?

  • pimlicosound

    I like how Cyclops has just half a skirt. I can see that becoming the big new fashion trend as people quest for every shorter hemlines.

  • Nonscpo

    Why force us to pick? Just go with the Harem Route!