Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book is the latest game in the Atelier series, and we now have more information on its new characters and the Chain Link ability.

The first character is Leone, a 24-year-old tailor who has wandered into town. She may come off as cold-hearted, but the truth is Leone has trouble expressing her true feelings – she actually has absolute confidence in her work. Leone uses a spear as her weapon, and can use stun-type weapons.

Julio Sebard Leidenschaft is a 19-year-old knight who hails from Adarett, a neighboring country. He has all the qualities you would expect from a knight – he has an eloquent and soft demeanor, is honest, and has a perfect personality. Julio has also been trying to learn alchemy for reasons undisclosed, uses a great sword, and is awful with using items.

Lastly there is Fritz Weissberg, a 51-year-old ex-mercenary. Though he is a former gun-for-hire, he has a calm and easy-going personality. However, he is various serious when it comes to puppets – a hobby he performs traveling shows with. Fritz uses two swords, but like Julio is awful with items.

We have also gained some information on a cooperative ability feature in Atelier Sophie called Chain Link. The ability is active after filling a meter at the bottom of the screen, which is done by using items and attacking. However, the meter is lowered by taking hits. Chain Link requires you to match certain characters and their stances in order pull it off.


Looking to offensive maneuvers, Offense Act is a cooperative attack activated after Chain Links fill on two characters in attack stance – it’s more powerful than regular support attacks. Special attack is a special attack activated after three characters’ meters are filled while in attack stance; the third character’s attack is unique, and each has his or her own special scene.

Looking to defensive maneuvers however, Defense Act is a special dense move activated when all characters are in defense stance and their meters are filled to a certain amount; while also reducing damage, the ability recovers HP and provides some supporting effects. Lastly, Special Guard is exactly like Defense Act but is activated when every character’s meter is filled completely, working to heal all party members present on the battlefield.

Atelier Sophie launches in Japan on September 25th, and we recently took a look at some of the RPG’s other characters if you’re interested.

  • Lester Paredes

    I can’t wait for the long time coming, digital only vita release for this. Yay! I’m only being partly sarcastic. I’m genuinely hoping they announce it’s localization soon.