Just over a week ago D3 Publisher announced their bouncy roguelike RPG Omega Labyrinth – now we’re finally getting some details.

In Omega Labyrinth you’ll go on an adventure to make Aina Akemiya’s wish of bigger boobs come true… but just who are the people you’ll see on this adventure? Well, now we’ve got a bit of an idea.

Here are the announced character details so far;

  • Aina Akemiya is the protagonist of the story, voiced by Haruka Yamazaki. In an effort to increase her bust size she’s decided to take on dangerous dungeons in search of the “Holy Grail of Beauty” – an object said to fulfill any wish by its bearer.
  • Nako Mimono is a close friend of Aina, and is voiced by Aya Uchida. She’s known for getting herself in trouble, and even in the early dungeons she took on she managed to get lost.
  • Sairi Sousha is also a friend of Aina, and is voiced by MAO. Intelligent, interesting, and of Russian ancestry – she often wears a ninja-like scarf she got from Aina.
  • Pai is a cleavage fairy and is voiced by Emi Uema.


Some of these characters will be playable, and for playable characters one of the biggest things to worry about is your Omega Power. Omega Power will increase the chest size of the characters you’re in control of, and when your uniform bursts open from boobage it can damage the enemy! As your chest size increases however, so will your status – and when you’ve reached maximum potential you’ll activate something called Hatsumune Mode.

In other news, points you acquire in dungeons can be used for things such as item purchase and appraisal. You won’t actually be able to know the details of items you find in dungeons right away, and must have them appraised via the Oppai Appraisal system. This involves placing the item between the character’s breasts and jiggling ’til it becomes apparent what it is (yes, for real). It has also been revealed that something called “agony scent” can be obtained in dungeons and is used to get the girls excited, whatever that means…

Speaking of items, it has been revealed that first print bonuses for the game will include the “Electric Massager Lance” and “Hip Shield” items – both of which are more than a bit naughty.

20150813_032327 First-Print-Omega-Labyrinth

Lastly, it has been noted that aside from your main character (the leader), you can take a single partner character into the dungeons with you – however being that this is a roguelike, if you die in the dungeon you lose both characters’ equipment. This applies to those bonus items as well, though once you’ve had them in your possession once you can buy them again in-game (so it’s only half a bummer).

Omega Labyrinth is set to release in Japan on November 19th.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    I wish more games would support furigana to help read the kanji

  • Honestly hope this gets localized

    • AeroQC .

      You do know that if the ESRB in NA gets wind of this they’ll be having a field day. And I thought Compile Heart’s games were pushing it when it came to this stuff.

      • depending on how far they go with the ecchiness in the game it would most likely get slammed with an M rating. If we can have GTA and other similar games then i see no problem with this coming over.

        • AeroQC .

          I understand what you mean, but this is in a whole different category from GTA.

          • Yes I know that but I think that if the U.S can tolerate things like what GTA has in it then this should be ok.Its cartoony and the characters in battle are super deformed chibis. The only reason this wouldn’t be localized is due to how ancie Americans are with nudity which is ridiculous. Which is why i said it depends on exactly what they do with it. If they show women’s bare chests in it then yeah its probably not gonna get brought over otherwise I see no reason for it to not get brought over.

      • ArkDragoon

        Well we have Senran Kagura: Estival Versus coming over which is pretty bad in this aspect too.