Become a monster-tamer in upcoming RPG. It has been revealed that the randomly-generated creature-taming RPG title Siralim will be jumping onto the Sony ship, and will be releasing on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4.

Originally a PC and Mobile game, Siralim has players defending a kingdom by taming and fighting a whole host of different monsters, over 300 in fact. You are the resident of a castle, which can be upgraded by adding new rooms and facilities. This leads to you unlocking more NPC’s, who can help you gain better monster types for your party.

You can find monsters in the world of Siralim by hunting through the wilderness or if your feeling particularly motherly, raise one from an egg. During the turn-based battles you can select up to 6 monsters to fight for you at any one time. Your monsters abilities can be enhanced by finding equipment and augments to craft, as well as using spells.


The game is rich with roguelike elements, particularly highlighted by its procedurally-generated dungeons in which players can hunt for treasure. It is also possible to view where the monsters are lurking using the “roguelike overworld”, allowing players to avoid particularly tricky encounters.

Check out the announcement trailer below, and keep your eyes peeled to TVL for future release date and pricing details.


  • Dchaundy1

    Love roguelike games – this one’s on my radar!

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    If this has a platinum trophy i’ll buy it

  • AeroQC .

    This oddly feels like Pokémon…