Koei Tecmo America has released new screenshots and trailers showing off Samurai Warriors 4-II’s new Survival Mode.

The new mode is designed to test players’ skills by taking control of your favorite character and entering an Endless Castle – which has endless floors and countless rewards. You will be rewarded with weapons and mounts that are usable in story mode by defeating enemies and completing objectives. However, to claim these, you must escape the castle without dying or time running out. Logically, the higher you climb, the harder and more numerous the enemies – with the rewards getting better and better.

The Endless Castle will also give a Challenge Mode. This allows you to test your skills further by completing various chambers. The Chamber of Trials is where you will try to defeat as many enemies in an allotted timeframe. The Chamber of Riches’ challenge is to collect as much gold as possible before time runs out. In The Chamber of Agility, you will need to defeat enemies as quickly as possible in order to reach a designated area. Lastly, we have The Chamber of Death. In this chamber you will have to be cautious because enemies deal large amounts of damage that could kill low level characters.

In addition to the screenshots and trailers, Koei Tecmo has given us some information on some of the playable samurai. We have: Toyohisa Shimazu, a young lord wanting to match his elder; Kojuro Katakura, whose story is of his devotion to his Master, Masamune Date; Kagekatsu Uesugi, a stoic known for his battle prowess and is inspirational to his clan; and Tagakage Kobayakawa, a merciful and compassionate man who looks to end battles as swiftly and bloodless as possible.

Samurai Warriors 4-II drops on September 29th. To tie you over as you await its release, check out the following screens.

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