The point and click adventure game adds the PS Vita to its list of destinations. 

Slovenian developer Motiviti will be bringing their 2D Adventure title Elroy and the Aliens to PS Vita. The game will also be available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. The title is centred around a witty aspiring scientist named Elroy, who goes on a world-saving adventure to stop aliens from destroying the earth.

The game will feature a hand-drawn 2D art style, as well as an array of different puzzles to solve. Built with touch-screen devices in mind, all signs point to Elroy fitting perfectly into the PS Vitas library of games. Others features will include an original music score, fully voiced characters and action-packed runner sequences to accompany the point and click gameplay.

Check out the original teaser trailer below, as well as some screenshots.

Elroy and the Aliens will arrive on iOS first before heading to PS Vita. We await details on a release date. What are your thoughts on this upcoming adventure title? Let us know in the comment section below.