Kaga Create is set to bring PC visual novel Majo Koi Nikki to Japanese Vitas sometime in the future.

Qoobrand’s visual novel Majo Koi Nikki – known as Witch Love Diary in English – is now set to come to Japanese Vitas and importers, though a release date or even a release window hasn’t been announced.

As for what the game’s about, here’s the synopsis via the Visual Novel Database;

“Alice lives alone in an old barber shop in the shopping district of the rose-coloured town. It was the second spring at her school and nothing special happened. That was until one day when she was exploring a clock tower in a forest a ways from the school with a friend and found a strange diary which had been dropped. She took it home with her and when she opened it, the days of a young boy were spelled out there. It was the story of first love and a broken heart.”

The VNDB also reveals that one of the scenario writers is Niijima Yuu, who left adult game maker SAGA PLANETS after writing the ‘seasons’ games. That said, we’re sure the game will be toned down from its 18+ nature.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be sure to update you on this Vita visual novel if any new information pops up. 😉