Meet the Heroes and Evil God from the upcoming RPG.

Further details have been revealed regarding the cast of the upcoming RPG Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky via the official website for the game. The game is set in modern day Tokyo and the parallel world of Protolexa.

An explosion caused by the evil god Yamatoga kills all twelve of the games heroes, but luckily a fragment of Yamatogas soul becomes embedded in all of the heroes, leading to their immortality. Firstly, lets gain a better understanding of the games main protagonist:

Kanata Kujou


By all accounts, he has had a good childhood. He grew up in an exceedingly wealthy family, with his parents being managers of a large company. He is quite quiet, and does not like to stand out due to his strict upbringing and other peoples curiosity for him. Although his parents were strict in his youth, he has a good relationship with them. His hair is naturally white.

He has known Ranze (below) since he was seven, and his parents have decided that they are to wed.

Ranze Miwakawa


She is described has a high-status lady well-schooled in traditions. She is skilled at Kyudo and using the Naginata, and is extremely active. She is classmates with her finance Kanata. As she is an orthodox honour student, she has many male and female admirers.

She is a very caring person, and puts satisfying the hopes of her parents above her own. When the incident occurs, her emotions which she is hiding surface.

Mayura Tsukishiro


She recently met Kanata at Protolexa. She also has white hair, however hers was caused by a disease. She has lost all her memories since she came to a different world, and she only has a weak connection with her home world. Though she is uneasy about returning, she is still attempting to go back, though she keeps this fact secret from her comrades.

Tokihisa Kiriya


A young man who also met Kanata at Protolexa. Like the other members, the explosion of Yamatogas soul caused him to be sent to Protolexa. Although he feels he is not a good person, he is very thoughtful of his comrades. Another fun fact is that he enjoys fishing, though it really doesn’t suit him.

Haru Nagiko


A bright and cheerful girl who is also a classmate of Kanata. She is part of a friendly gang of four which includes Kanata, Ranze, and Mitsuhide. Like Ranze and Kanata, she was also affected by the incident.

Mitsuhide Yasakata


Another classmate of the protagonist, part of the friendly group of four. He is very sociable and is able to sooth out arguments that happen around him. He has a lot of respect for his late grandfather, and tries to meet his expectations.

Ren Ogami


He was born into a zaibatsu and due to his special upbringing he does not have many friends and is often alone. He is friendly, but tends to keep his own objectives secret from everyone around him, making him seem cold. He doesn’t think highly of himself and thinks about his doting father and grandfather.



A goddess who protects Protolexa. She personally got rid of Yamatoga. To stop the resurrection of the evil god Yamatoga, she summoned the 12 people containing the soul of Yamatoga to Protolexa. As a result, her power was squandered.



Amatsume divided his soul into twelve pieces and expelled him. He planned to make a comeback by assimilating his own soul with those in Kanata’s group. However, Amatsume is aware of that plan and summoned them to Protolexa.

Asides from all the character information, we were also provided details of pre-order bonuses for the game, which will include a Soundtrack CD and art booklet.



Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is coming to PS Vita and PS4 on November 26th in Japan, and we await details of western release.