Square Enix Collective – a platform that allows developers to pitch ideas and the community to vote whether they would fund it if it went into a crowdsourcing stage – has posted a new collectible card RPG game called Carta Nova.

The card game with have both online and offline worlds for players to explore, where you’ll interact and compete against other players and inhabitants.

The Carta Nova developers’ goal is to create a “deep CCG experience in an immersive, responsive RPG world, with hundreds of cards available at launch.” They also want to go against the norm in card games by having no micro-transactions – meaning all cards, expansions, costumes and DLC are included with the base game.

Carta Nova matches take place on a 4 x 5 board, where you can place your cards on any open space. Each card has its own attack area; a warrior can attack the two cards by its side, while a wizard can attack distant cards. You’ll have to consider where your placing your cards, and as the board fills up you’ll need to destroy your opponent’s cards in order to gain control of board and place more cards down.

Cards have your basic attack and defense, and also have a number of skills they can use in battle; support skills allow cards to attack when a nearby card attacks, while counter skills allow cards to counterattack after taking damage. Other skills will include healing and teleporting along with some so far unannounced ones.


You will be able to customize the decks you wish to use, and cards are unlocked as you progress throughout the game. The game will also feature three rule sets: tactical, traditional, and hybrid. Tactical is the mode where players draw from a deck by choosing pre-made hands during matches – invoking tactical thinking and strategy. Traditional Mode is where players draw cards from a shuffled deck. Hybrid Mode combines the rule sets of Tactical and Traditional, but with the option to spend action points to draw a specific card.


The world of Carta Nova is divided into two continents: Alenir and Kieri. Alenis is where the single-player campaign takes place, while Kieri is where players venture to battle online. In both the game’s modes, you can make dialogue choices and the world is interactive – choices shape the story and card skills can change the course of events.

Online Mode is where players walk around and meet other players to battle. If you win a match, you will be rewarded with new cards and gold – you can even bet a card in your deck for the chance to win one from your opponent. Gold can be used for betting in taverns and spent in merchant stores in towns, or it can be saved to buy your own house.


The developer had this to say about the card game’s story:

“After a war that lasted for decades, the lands of Alenir and Kieri have finally achieved truce. The people of Alenir are working to rebuild their country, while learning how to live in peace in a former military state. For the first in generations, alenirians can live and travel without fear. As a young citizen from the south, you will take the chance to go the capital for the Festival of Gods, more eager to participate in the Carta duels than to praise the gods. However, your travels may reveal that war has left its wounds, and that some people do not desire this newfound peace.

In Kieri, the ports are full of trade ships, former war vessels that now carry goods instead of weapons. In the trade towns, merchants and sailors are eager to play games and make a wager or two (or more). The ships come with new travelers, so the taverns are full of Carta players with some spare gold to bet.”

The game will have a full soundtrack that players can choose what they want to listen to during matches. Options include anything from rock to ska, and jazz to classical. It’ll also include English, Portuguese, Spanish and French localizations.

Carta Nova has been in development for a year and is scheduled for a PC release in 2016, with other platforms – including Vita – coming afterward. If you’re interested in this game, make sure to go vote for it on the Square Enix Collective.

  • montie1965

    The board part of the game reminds me of Eye of judgment (ps3 game).
    Which is my of my favourite ps3 games.

    • Hello, I’m one of the developers of Carta Nova. Yeah, I really liked Eye of the Judgment too, great game. You should feel home at our game, since it also invokes that feeling of strategic positioning and board control. We also have a card customization system, which will allow for more deck diversity (and with 600 cards at launch plus dozens of skills, plus free expansions, I can assure you there will be a lot of deck strategies out there).