Becoming a national sensation this winter.

SEGA have revealed further details for their upcoming rhythm game Miracle Girls Festival.

In Tour Mode, you will become a concert director and create amazing shows across six locations throughout the nation. Through performing setlists, you’ll aim to bring in as many audience members as possible.

Tours are organised into days, and the more you clear the more tours you’ll unlock. As you progress through the difficulty increases, with crowds becoming harder to please and setlists being increasingly more difficult to master.


As you complete tours you’ll gain Miracle Coins. The amount you receive rely on how well you perform, and this currency can be used to unlock new songs. You will also have the ability to edit a setlist to your liking by adding and removing the new songs you have obtained.

Also revealed was a “Off-set” trailer, which was shown at Comiket 88. For those not in the know, Comiket (also known as Comic Market) is the worlds biggest Dōjinshi fair and is held twice a year in Tokyo. The fair covers a variety of area, with Anime and Manga being the most popular. Check it out below:

Last month, we also brought you the full list of songs and characters that would be appearing in the game, which you can read through here. There are also a hand full of new screenshots from the game which highlight Tour Mode, check them out below.

Miracle Girls Festival is set to hit the stage this Winter in Japan.

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