Renegade Kid has announced today that they will be bringing their awesome PC and 3DS hit Xeodrifter to the PlayStation Vita on September 1st.

Launching at a price of $9.99 / £7.99 / €9.99, Xeodrifter is a side-scrolling platformer/shooter that puts you in the role of galaxy traversing nomad who finds himself stranded in space after his ship takes damage. In order to return home our traveller will need to explore four nearby planets, with new abilities and weapons upgrades allowing for you to power up and explore deeper into these strange worlds.

The game’s launch trailer will be familiar to those who remember the early Metroid titles – the game looks like it has drawn inspiration from those titles and it certainly has me looking forward to the game’s release in two weeks time!

Xeodrifter will feature Cross-Buy with the PlayStation 4 version, so if you fancy some classic platforming in the depths of space then be sure to check out Xeodrifter when it releases!


  • Karl Smith

    I except the game to miss Europe. Mutant Mudds Deluxe which is also made by Renegade Kid also missed PSN EU.