In this weeks update for Atelier Sophie Gust have detailed Plachta’s battle techniques and further detailing the chain link system.

Once you’ve filled up enough recipe’s in the game, Plachta will regain her memory and realise that she used to be a battler in the past. Plachta uses a ‘Drive Machine Soldier’ to aid Sophie in battle. While not particularly strong herself, Plachta has an incredibly strong weapon which can emit lasers to attack enemies.

As an alchemist Plachta can use a range of different items in battle as well as cast magic to either attack enemies or heal or give stat buffs to her fellow party members.

Atelier Sophie is still on track for it’s September 25th release in Japan and we’ll be sure to update you with more information on the title as we receive it, in the meantime check out a new batch of screenshots below.