We heard potential rumours way back in June 2014 that Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires may be making it’s way to PlayStation Vita, but now, well over a year later, we’ve had official confirmation that the game is in fact destined to arrive on our favourite handheld.

The official word comes from this weeks issue of Japanese publication of Famitsu, which confirms that the game, which is a expanded version of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends will include all previous DLC released on other platforms as well as a new Ad-Hoc focussed mode called Raid Scenario.

Raid Scenario is described as a very difficult co-op focussed mode, it will see players run under special rules against more difficult enemies, however the mode also allows you to set your weapons and strategies before you start to give you at least a little bit of an advantage. There will also be a free version of the game released so that players who don’t own the full version of the game can participate in Raid Scenario.

There is no official release date locked down for the Vita version of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires as of yet but be sure to keep a close eye on The Vita Lounge as we’ll be sure to update you on any further news.