Bandai Namco announced in the latest issue of V-Jump that Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is coming to Vita.

In Lost Borders, players will fight strategic battles on fields with varying elevations – as you climb higher, your character’s have a better advantage. You will also summon powerful creatures and cast spells like previous iterations.

The two protagonists are Raj and Am. The male protagonist Raj lives in Filluja with his partner Patch, and collects things that fall from the sky to survive. Am is the female protagonist, and lives with her partner Kilt in Filluja as well. Am is a bit scatter-brained, but she is also caring to those she knows.

Summon Night 6 begins with a meteoric object falling into the Cocoon World of Filluja. Raj investigates the object and finds that it was summoned from Linbaum, a different world. Meanwhile, Am encounters a different summoned creature from the same strange world. Raj and Am may have their own motives, but they travel together to Linbaum with their new companions – where the story takes off.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is scheduled for release in Japan in Spring 2016.