The official Muv-Luv Twitter account has outed the existence of a PlayStation Vita stretch goal in their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Are you interested in visual novels and/or Muv-Luv specifically? Well we’ve got some good news for you, as their official Twitter has announced (in a reply) that PlayStation Vita is a lock for one of the Kickstarter stretch goals once their campaign goes live.

Check out the back and forth between the inquisitive Jon White and the official Muv-Luv Twitter below for proof;


Have we got your attention yet, or are you about to Google Muv-Luv? I’ll save you the hassle, ’cause here’s the no-spoiler lowdown on what the game’s about.

Muv-Luv is a┬áJapanese visual novel developed by ├óge, and was originally released as an 18+ game on PC in 2003. It contains two story arcs; one called “Extra” which is always available, and another called “Unlimited” which unlocks after you’ve completed the routes for the two main heroines in Extra.

Extra starts with the protagonist Takeru Shirogame waking up to a beautiful woman sleeping in his bed and infuriated neighbour (and childhood friend) there as well. The beautiful woman is named Meiya Mitsurugi and is the heiress to a financially powerful family as well as Takeru’s soon-to-be bride. The neighbour and childhood friend is Sumika Kagami, the girl who has always been there. As the game progresses, both girls compete for Takeru’s love while Takeru just keeps dreaming about a promise he made to a girl long ago…

Unlimited takes place in an alternate universe, where aliens reffered to as BETA (aka; Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin which are Adversary to the human race) have invaded. Mankind fights back against this invasion with mechanized robots called Tactical Surface Fighters (but usually referred to as Senjutsuki) – trying to win back their planet.

With nineteen possible endings in all and a very wacky story to dig into once you’ve completed the main routes, this one’s sure not to disappoint (in the entertainment department, at least).

The Muv-Luv Kickstarter is set to launch early next month, and we’ll be sure to let you know the details when it does.

  • novurdim

    Not the best pic for the series as epic as Muv Luv, to be honest :’D

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    If the trophies are as easy as the 360 version, count me in

    • Ali Johnson

      Hahehhehehehehehe just like me looking for easy stuff

  • Nonscpo

    I was already interested in the Kickstarter campaign before, but now, this seals the deal ^_^