The Genkai Tokki channel on YouTube has been updated with a lengthy look at the upcoming Moero Crystal, and Siliconera helps us out with some details.

Moero Crystal has you playing as Zenox; a support character who can command a team of five monster girls in battle. Zenox can’t attack himself, but provides support with power ups which need charging. If you overcharge these power ups however, he explodes – unable to do anything for a short while.

Upon defeating a monster girl, you’ll get to recruit them through a touchscreen “scratching” mechanic. There are also some items that will negate the scratching mechanic for a time, though they only delay the mini-game until later instead of removing it completely.

Other improvements to battle include buffs, bonuses, costume destruction, and the ability for Zenox to move a character ahead in the attacking order (using the “insert” command).

Check these improvements out in the trailer below;

Moero Crystal is set to release September 25th in Japan.

  • Nonscpo

    Looks very Japanese!