Most JRPGs have a vast collection of outfits for the characters to wear, depending on the season – and Tokyo Xanadu is no different. Thanks to developer Nihon Falcom, we have a look at what the characters will be wearing.

Main characters, such as Kou and Asuka, will sport summer clothing when the temperature starts to rise – however, we will also see minor characters such as Shiori, Ryota, and Jun make the change as well.

Characters and minor characters won’t be wearing school outfits exclusively though; they will also wear casual clothing when they aren’t in school or have days off.

Tokyo Xanadu launches for Vita in Japan on September 30th.

  • Nonscpo

    Great a game where people don’t wear school uniforms on the weekend, about time!

  • Retro Reloaded

    I doubt we ever get this in the west. It probably depends on how well TLOH: Trails of Cold Steel sells. I can’t see XSEED picking up another large game like this if that fails..