D3 Publisher has revealed new details and screenshots for their upcoming breast-adventure-yet Omega Labyrinth.

First up we have information about the prologue, which I’ve quoted below;

The Anberyl Girls Academy, where a garden of young girls are growing to become beautiful women in both body and mind. At this school, a mysterious rumor surfaced. Somewhere hidden in the school is something called the “Holy Grail of Beauty,” which is said to be able to grant any wish.

Among the schoolgirls brimming with curiosity, the rumor continued spreading. The Holy Grail’s hiding place is said to be a cave there since ancient times. The cave, which is usually off-limits, is opened only on the anniversary of the school’s founding… and…

Today, November 8, is the anniversary of the founding of Anberyl Girls Academy.

And somehow or another, it seems that this year students have come along in search of the Holy Grail of Beauty.

Her wish: to increase her chest size, which is smaller than the other girls’, in a big way…

But will she really be able to find the Holy Grail and have her small wish granted?

Sound interesting? I think so, but moving on…


We also have new information about Pai – the adorable fairy who loves boobs and hanging out in their cleavage. She’s neither good nor evil, and is always optimistic; becoming attached to Aina after an ordeal with a monster where Aina saves her life. As part of this attachment, she tells the heroines what she remembers about the story of the cave and Holy Grail. Pai is also known for using incorrect honorifics, and is bad with words that promote her lisp.

Next up we have some more details and some screenshots with regards to Omega Power. The embodiment of womanly strength, Omega Power is power which is stored in your chest – but also amounts to experience points. By gaining Omega Power through defeating monsters in the dungeon you can increase the size of your chest – with a jump in cup size also powering up your abilities.

If you keep pumping up this Omega Power however, you’ll reach Hatsumune Mode (aka Releasing Chest Mode) – largely powering up your abilities on the floor you activate it on.

Leaving the dungeon at any time will deflate your chest, however the Omega Power’s respective experience points will stay with you – allowing for item purchase and appraisal as your monetary reward.

Speaking of item appraisal, it’s necessary as any items you find in the dungeon will be crystalized. In order to reveal the true item, you must place the item between a character of your choice’s breasts and shake until it’s revealed through expansion. This appraisal will cost you Omega Power however, so don’t just go shaking willy-nilly. 😉

Another important system in the game is the “Faint in Agony Awakening” system, which you can use to strengthen your status and acquire new abilities. By using a “Faint in Agony Aroma” item found in a dungeon, you can excite one of the character and have her experience various delusions. By touching her during these delusions, her Omega Power and status will increase – with sensitive spots differing by character and situation.

Continued excitement increases will trigger “Faint in Agony Mode” which makes her entire body a sensitive spot. The use of a specific item in this mode can trigger a “Shyness Break” that’ll reveal even more of the character’s skin.

More miscellaneous screenshots regarding gameplay can be found below;

Omega Labyrinth is due out in Japan on November 19th.

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