Developer Neon Deity Games posted some new details about the already announced shoot ’em up port on the PlayStation Blog – including a release date.

We’ve already given you what some of the updates to the “Goldfish SHMUP” will include, but Anthony Swinnich – one of the game’s three developers – had some more details on what their vision for the port was.

“We [had] finished [the original game] and released it into the deep blue sea, but we were still filled with a ton of great ideas, so we got to work on an update. That update spiraled out of control and became a vastly expanded version of the original game, adding 2-4 player local co-op, loads of wacky new power-ups, new and updated sprites and backgrounds, a ton of additional songs, brand new enemies and bosses, lots of extra hats, cross save and Trophy support, and even online leaderboards,” wrote Swinnich in the post.

In case you’re unaware, Shutshimi! gives you control of The Fishy, a goldfish defending his home waters against mysterious invaders. Levels last around ten seconds, which is when you get to choose a power for the next round. You get to make your selection from three choices, which are drawn randomly from a pool of 50; so some are bound to be bad while others are quite good. The protagonist has bad memory though and he’ll forget them as quickly as he learned them.

Shutshimi! will be cross-buy when it launches next week on the 25th, and to tide you over until then we have some new screenshots of the game – enjoy!