Idea Factory has released yet another PlayStation Vita trailer, this time promoting another one of their otome titles called Yunohana Spring.

I’m honestly not sure what this one’s about, so (as usual) we look to the Visual Novel Database for answers – and we’re in luck! Here’s the official description from the game’s website, translated by someone at the VNDB;

The protagonist, Yunoha, is the only-child of the owner of the Fukujurou bath house in Ayagawakai Onsen. She longs for the big city life, so one day she decided to ignore her parents’ disprovals and leave the countryside.

However, once Yunoha heard news that her mother had fallen, she returned to her home.

Once she arrived, she learned that her family’s bath house business was supposed to be thriving, but it was barren of customers! It appeared that the new resorts built around the area were overshadowing the traditional, small businesses.

“But our business has it’s quirks, you know!”

And thus she became the temporary landlady of the bath house with solid determination.

With unique employees, and customers with their own reasons for staying, her days are becoming busy as she tries to earn profit for her family while dealing with love.

It’s all confusing, but at the same time, it’s full of heart-pounding moments!?

What will become of her future?”

Sound interesting? You can check out the promotional trailer below;


Yunohana Spring is set to release in Japan on September 17th – priced at 6,264 yen for the regular physical version, 8,424 yen for the limited edition physical version, or 5,452 yen for the digital download version. It’ll be compatible with PlayStation TV at launch, so don’t be afraid to bite. 😉